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 Cartoons: Love or Hate?

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PostSubject: Cartoons: Love or Hate?   Fri 08 Mar 2013, 10:35

I doubt there's a lot of people out there that skipped cartoons while still cought in the wings of childhood. The reason is quite simple, they don't appear on TV 24/7 and are uncommon as opposed to least in my country, that's how is it.

I've been watching cartoons since I can remember. Tom and Jerry, which is Mom's Favorite, was also mine. I've seen the tales of that grey carrot addicted bunny and his hunter, Disney focused cartoons, random stuff and, to be honest, lots of crap.

Now, pardon my language, but they are kinda in the sucky side. Terrible graphics and action, violence used in mooooost cases to humor the kids, bad dub-work in newer releases and frankly, not the positive source for inspiration and personality development.

I used to be addicted to cartoons and go as far as gluing my eyes to the TV at least 12 hours a day. You can imagine the effect that has on your eyes and brain. I will risk sounding like your mother and tell you to take breaks and not glue yourself to shiny stuff.

What more to say? They eased me into animes which I come to love and now I barely watch Tom and Jerry if Mom spots in of TV, that's the single one I can bear to watch. They could be fun though, I guess.
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Cartoons: Love or Hate?
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