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 Moderators wanted

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PostSubject: Moderators wanted   Mon 04 Mar 2013, 13:59

School isn't gonna ease up. I won't be able to be on as much as I want to be. Solution? A fluffy pet to hug moderator or two.

What do I want from you?

To post/open new topics once in a while.

To find ways to interact with people in a friendly and welcoming manner (welcome section, Visitator Messages on Profiles, PMs, The GFX, Writing etc areas, asking members why they made a certain choice in, let's say, who their favorite character is etc).

To make sure the members actually respect those rules and the topics and forums stay out of chaos. There's no need to abuse power. Moderators are helpers not slave-drivers.

To keep me posted on what's been going on if things happened (A short PM or Skype message should do).

To promote and help the members promote the forum. More members=more fun.

To be reliable even if they can't be on much.

What are the 'requirements'?
Not many. I'm not gonna look at your age, post count or time you've been registered.
I can easily sensei you up in what you need to know to be a good moderator *evil smile*so don't worry if you've never done this before.

I ask you to prove that you can do at least some of the things I noted above to make me and other members remark you.

A moderator is a friend and a big help. Not a meanie that resides in your closet. They gotta poke you if you did something silly even if they know you. Don't worry, they'll love you just as much regardless.

I admit I'm a bit picky and feel reluctant to trust the forum into other's hands but, as long as you have it's best interests in mind and you're a cookie, we'll be fine.

Friends with benefits?

Oh why, yes. You gotta be rewarded. Mhm...
What do you say about some freebies? Colored name, freebies (it's a secret :P), more profile fields for whatever you might want, external links in your signature, fun, experience, new friends, me to poke all day long, a big say in anything concerning the forum, lots of points to spend, other perks by your choice and some things I didn't mention.

How does this work?

Be yourself.
Don't demand it. Sure, you can post here and tell me you wanna apply now or in the future. I might select you myself even, but don't make your first post on this forum here, demanding to be put moderator, admin etc. You gotta proof yourself.

Global or Sectional Moderator?

Global = takes care of the whole forum, members etc.

Sectional = takes care of certain forums (Reviews and GFX for example) but can still act as a mini-mod outside the zone he/she manages.

Any other rank you'd like? Cool rank names? Sure, tell me if you got any idea. :D
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Moderators wanted
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