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 Rules? Just DOs and DON'Ts

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PostSubject: Rules? Just DOs and DON'Ts   Sun 03 Mar 2013, 05:24

Hey! I'm one to believe that rules should enhance the experience and not cut away from it. That's why I tried to keep them brief and easy.

Forum DOs and DON'Ts

~ The forum's language is English. Try to keep cuss words to a minimum, censored if applicable. Do your best!

~ Feel free to provide arguments for your opinion and debate with other members.
Image-video-off-topic posts are fun but not welcomed.

~ Feel free to play with the colors, fonts, bold, alignment, emoticons etc as long as you can make it look nice and not scare people away.

~There is no such thing as an inactive thread. You can post in old threads. Locked/Moved to the Basket threads are meant to not be reopened/re-posted.

~ Don't make a topic about the same subjects as another. Use the search function.

~ Double posts are allowed, with 3 hours in between.

You can use images, external emoticons etc in your posts as long as you add your own words in the message and the content used is relevant, non-rasist and below +16 rating. Ecchi is fine amd in the +16 section we can be a bit more relaxed but that's as far as we go on here. Explicit content or messages are prohibited. Too many/large images/movies/gifs etc can affect the forum. Only use when appropriate.

~ Treat other members the way you would like to be treated. Don't insult, troll, harass, spread rumors or threaten other members.

Give proper credit, don't claim any content as yours if that's not true and don't steal. Do not ask or mention anything illegal.

~ Your signature and avatar should not 'spill over' from being too big. You can wear links towards topics/posts of this forum in your signature. Make use of spoilers for huge signatures.

~ Multiple accounts are frowned upon. You lost your password? Tell me and I'll help you. Long lost member coming back but on another account? Okay, but we'll block your previous one. Just to avoid confusion.

Staff members=staff members. Feel free to press the Report Button and help people out but only moderators can moderate. Leave it to them. If you get into a fight with another member, contact them.

~ Don't go around advertising, don't publish PMs and have fun!

Think that's about it. Easy, right? ^_^ I'm open to suggestions.
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Rules? Just DOs and DON'Ts
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