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 Review Guidelines

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PostSubject: Review Guidelines   Sat 09 Mar 2013, 01:36

Hello Heya, young work material.

You wanna write a review? That's awesome!

Not sure where to start? Well, I got some things for you should consider and a few notes to make.

~You can always review an anime and manga that already got reviewed.

~Specify in the title if you're reviewing the manga, anime or both and put the name first. Due to this forum being set to A-Z listing, that's how the topics will show, based on their names (example:One Piece / Anime and not the other way around).

~Try to be objective and interesting. While we have no connection to I took the liberty to link to an useful article they wrote(click). Don't worry, I'm not as demanding. Take a look on their website for some examples of reviews, it'll help.


~Reading to get you some inspiration is fine but [b]don't copy
paste others reviews here Red Also, what can be found on this forums belongs to this forum. Don't try to steal something or else Cool smoking

~Feel free to use images, gifs and videos.

~Make sure to not spoil the anime/manga too much. Who knows who hadn't seen it?

~Anyone is free to answer to your review with suggestions, different opinions, thanks etc. You guys and girls be reminded that you shouldn't trade blows for a review. Dramatic Sigh

Okay, with those things outta the way, we can talk about the reviews that would populate here.

First, the layout: split your review in sections:
  • Quick Info Section: Summary, On-going/Completed/Sequel/OMV/One-shot etc, Genres, Episode Number (if known), Manga/Anime Connection (if they got their counterpart, talk about it. There are mangas that don't have an anime for them and vice-versa).
    To put it simple, tell the premise of an anime before you start reviewing it. A few vague lines should do. This isn't to be rated because there's already a Plot/Story section, and from there downward, the rating will apply.
    Inuyasha: Kagome falls though a fountain that teleports her back in time. She meets Inuyasha and is considered to be his former lover's reincarnation.
  • Plot/Story,
  • Animations/Graphics,
  • Sound (refers to the voices, music, effects, opening, ending etc) and in manga's case, the Scanlation Work (proper cleaning, translations, fonts etc)
  • Progression (everything happened to fast or slow? awfully ridiculous pace of one character that goes from dead-last to the greatest in seconds? Ridiculous situations? Yeah, things like this to look out for),
  • Characters (aspect, behavior, decisions, skills, relationships etc)
  • Enjoyment (Overall opinion, if it was worth watching/reading
    Feel free to suggest some nifty applicable all around layout. :P

Secondly, the ability to rate. Always be impartial and, if unsure, don't rate. The ratings will be out outta 100, meaning that you'll get lots of freedom for your ratings. That will be the final rating but how do we get there? Read along.
You can rate each section I presented of the review outta 20 because there are 5 sections (5*20=100 hence my logic).
Still confused? Yeah, I would be too. I suck at explanations. Here, lemme give you an random, incorrect example: a review of the anime Paradise Kiss gets 20/20 Animations, 14/20 Sound, Progression 12/20, Characters 18/20 and Enjoyment 4/20.That means that the Overall rating is 68/100, a thing which you'll also specify in the description.

What more to say? Have fun and write! Happy I will select an official team soon (you can apply for it, obviously) and organize this section a bit more. Till then, anyhting's game. Bye
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Review Guidelines
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